Response: “History of Education”

       After reading this excerpt from the teaching guide during the 1900s I realized how some of the many stereotypes and assumptions were started and continue to be reinforced. The writer is male, obviously white, and quite possible from British decent. He makes it quite clear that his race is the superior race and that any race connected to them is automatically more civilized than other more distance races or cultures. This is very obvious when he talks about India in comparison to China. Although he still degrades India’s education system and values he does so in a more polite tone then when he speaks negatively about the Chinese. 

       I was also quite shocked by his statement that stated that he was not going to talk about the education of uncivilized peoples because their education was much too primitive. He sees his views on education as highly idealized because he believes his peoples to be at the top of the civilized people. He also bluntly connects education to religion and places value on the religious beliefs of a culture. If another cultures religious beliefs differ from the Christian religion then they are automatically seen as selfish and lacking in spiritual growth. 

       I believe that the consequences of this text is first of all the one-sided viewpoints and opinions as well as the generalizations that are all to obvious. If this text book was required of all teachers than that means that students were being taught these ideas about other cultures. Many teachers would most likely blindly accept and teach the concepts and ideas that the author has laid out. The negative effects speak for themselves as we see how a cycle of cultural stereotypes is formed and enforced.


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