Benefits of Alternative Schools

Benefits of Alternative Schools


3 thoughts on “Benefits of Alternative Schools

  1. kortney23 says:

    I really liked your mind map! But I do have one question- why are homeschoolers included? Are they accepted into the class? Are the part of out of class activities?

    • sarahjoyross says:

      It talked about a lot of parents who are homeschooling because they do not want to place their children in the public school system, Prairie Sky School is said to be an alternative to homeschooling. Hope that helps clear things up 🙂

  2. Julie Machnaik (@jmachnaik) says:

    Prairie Sky offers many options for children, whether they are homeschooled or not. Some parents choose to have children attend the school part-time and home school the other time. Other parents choose to have children attend their neighbourhood school part-time and Prairie Sky School the rest of the time. For those who are homeschooled, some may only choose to attend outdoor events or inquiry projects of interest. In other words, it’s a school that meets the needs of students respecting the parent wishes and beliefs. The multi-age, small group setting with an eclectic philosophy of teaching and learning lends itself to working ‘with’ families & community.

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