Story Telling…

Story Telling...

I choose the bear because it reminded me of a past experience of my childhood. When I was younger my parents would take us to garage sales. Once we arrived at a garage sale me and my siblings would race to the free box. The goal was to find the best toy. On one of these particular dashes to the free box I grabbed a really soft teddy bear(I thought it was amazing). However, once we got back home my siblings quickly realized it was the bear from the commercial ‘cha-cha-cha-charmin'”. They continued to mock me for having, what they called, a toilet paper bear.


2 thoughts on “Story Telling…

  1. Linda says:

    Either way but crosswalks is good for me. The crosswalk at North Street is scary, I had a bad experience there with my dog, people just don’t know how to act (and I’m including the trail-users in that statement). i don’t agree with statement about training drivers, this is about safety, not risking lives to teach lessons, and drivers are only half the problem.I think its awesome that thy8#&e217;re opening it up to feedback like this, good job Matt!!

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