Lecture Response: Feb. 10

Technology is a powerful advancement and can be a very useful tool for teaching in this day and age. After today’s lecture on technology my eyes have once again been opened to the amazing things that computers are able to create. However, I do not completely agree with mass amounts of technology being used in the classroom. Maybe it is because of my lack of knowledge in this area, but I find it slightly terrifying to think about so much time spent in front of screens. Personally, with the trends I see, I feel that children are being exposed to too much technology. Children are coming home from school and spending more than two hours in front of some form of a screen. I do see the importance of teaching children about safety on the internet and how to use it as a tool and not just for entertainment. However, this being said, I still believe that many other factors must be in place before you can dive into using technology and becoming virtually connected with the rest of the world. I do plan on using technology in the classroom but I know for a fact that relationship building and classroom management will need to be established before I begin exposing my students to virtual communities.


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