Social media and our lack of real world experiences

Social media and our lack of real world experiences

I saw this picture on my Instagram and I immediately had to take a double look at it. At first I didn’t quite understand what it was trying to say. But as I read some of the comments I began to sort out the deeper meaning that this picture was conveying. This picture is depicting the shift that we are seeing in the next generation. Children are becoming more and more content to stay indoors and experience life though a screen; they are missing out on creating their own memories and are now exploring the world through social media. Growing up outside I know that it is impossible to fully experience something unless you live through it yourself. Our experiences define who we are, therefore; it is key to insure that children are having solid experiences so that they may develop a strong sense of self. I believe that this picture is truly speaking out against the loss of play and exploration that our next generation is experiencing. It is sad, but true; it is up to us to monitor the ways in which children are using ever advancing and available technology.


4 thoughts on “Social media and our lack of real world experiences

  1. Julie Machnaik (@jmachnaik) says:

    Play, exploration…SO important. Children do need to be active, spend time outdoors, have hands-on learning, be with friends/family/community. Maybe we need to look beyond the EITHER/OR and instead think about BALANCE and creating as many active learners spaces and places for children.

    Technology is often portrayed as the ‘evil’ or the ‘problem’ but isn’t the issue really how people choose to use it? Technology CAN open up many doors to information, learning, experiences, collaboration where children can use their imagination, play, create. Again, it’s how people use the technology. are you, as a future educator, planning to integrate technology in your students’ learning environment so children do play and explore? Technology offers many possibilities to create exciting, meaningful, high level thinking experiences for learners. Much more ‘active’ engagement than having students sitting in desks, in rows, listening to teacher, completing worksheets or coloring maps to learn about the world.

    • sarahjoyross says:

      As a future educator I can see myself using technology to broaden the knowledge scope that my students will have access too. Things like Skype can be a very useful in trying to contact specialists in areas that my students may be studying and exploring. I do think that if it is used in moderation it can be a powerful tool that will help my students create more connections from around the world.

  2. tkirtzinger says:

    I love this image and agree with your interpretation. Play and exploration are so important for children and some forget that as they begin to rely so heavily on the advancing technology. While technology can open children up to a world of opportunities, it needs to be balanced with active experiences and play.

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