Implications of Being Myself

If I were to sit back and think about why I react the way I do in situations I probably wouldn’t be able to explain why I did or didn’t do certain things. The most obvious reason for this is because my reactions are based on what I consider common sense which is based on my race, gender, sexuality, and my morals and ethics that were developed as I grew and matured. Although my reactions and thoughts about the world and the people in the world seem acceptable they may be seen as unacceptable to others. My actions and thoughts may hurt others and I would never now it. This can be especially problematic in the teaching profession where I will be the authoritative figure in many children’s lives; I will be given the opportunity to touch the lives of the future generation. I do not want to pass on my own views but rather present all knowledge to the children and allow them to do what they wish with what they are exposed to. After realizing all of this I recognize the importance of examining myself and opening myself up to different ways of knowing. Only by doing this can I ever hope to teach an unbiased curriculum.


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