Are Lyrics Simply Lyrics or Should we be Mindful of their Messages?

Are Lyrics Simply Lyrics or Should we be Mindful of their Messages?

As I was driving today I had my radio turned on. I was tuned into z99 when Down With Webster’s song came on “Chills”. I have heard it before but I never actually really paid attention to the lyrics, I just assumed it was another teen romance song. However, this time for some reason I was listening very closely to the words being sung. I don’t know if anyone has listened to the words and picked up on the first line (because I never did until tonight) that says ” I fell like soldiers on the frontline”. I was so shocked and taken back by seriousness of a line like this, especially since it was being used to symbolize falling in love. I don’t know if I may be overreacting but I honestly found it so offensive; comparing war, something so horrifically sad and devastating to something like a adolescent crush or romance. I guess it just really troubled me to think that messages like this are being spread, sung out, to children by a group of artists who have so much talent and fame. These are the pop artists of the day, the ones influencing the next generation. I just wish that people, like the ones in this band, were using their power, privilege, and talents to set a positive example for the younger generation. Thoughts from any one that reads this would be appreciated. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Are Lyrics Simply Lyrics or Should we be Mindful of their Messages?

  1. Joshua says:

    Then I listen to many other artists like Katy Perry, Demi Lovato, Tyler Ward, Reba and countless others and hear so much inspiration being given off. I guess it really depends on who the artist is and what their personality is like. I myself try my best to steer clear of the songs that aren’t going to give me a positive vibe but it is definitely a hard task.

    Joshua Johnson
    Elementary Education
    University of Regina

  2. kfidelack says:

    I love your insight, Sarah! I would have never noticed these lyrics. I understand the artists’ goal of trying to paint a picture in their listener’s heads, but I agree that the utmost respect should be paid to those who have fought and lost their lives for our freedom, and perhaps this particular lyrics was a bit of a misstep by DWW. Perhaps in this instance, though, this lyric will slide be and continue to be unnoticed?

  3. kaylaonufrey06 says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this topic! We are surrounded by these songs and so are our children and I think it is important to recognize the messages that are being portrayed in these types of songs. Many people are really connected to music and a lot of people use it as a way to cope with issues in their lives, so I think it is important to look critically at these songs and recognize how powerful they can be, impacting students differently. I love how one song can totally open your mind up to a bigger issue that we should all take the time to think about 🙂

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