Standardized Testing

“Standardized tests measure what matters least”, “There are many ways to raise test scores without EVER improving education”, “The quality of education in Saskatchewan will decline and most people won’t even know it because they will see higher numbers” on test outcomes. -Alfie Kohn

These are the quotes that really stood out to me from the youtube video. During our lecture on Monday I was shocked by some of the horror stories that our professor shared with us about standardized testing. I had heard about this topic briefly before but I had never realized it was still a topic of discussion. The idea of having such rigours tests for students in elementary school grades actually scares me. As a future educator I am super excited to incorporate play and exploration into my classroom, but when I hear about standardized testing I fear that it may become really difficult to incorporate certain aspects of play and exploration. I never want to be come the ‘drill Sargent’ type of teacher that Alfie Kohn talks about. I feel that a classroom is so much more than just a place to learn the core subjects. However, if standardized testing is pushed through I feel like it may be difficult to have time to create a classroom that reflects a holistic learning environment. After hearing the lecture I feel like the best way to stop the push towards standardized testing is to properly educate parents and educators on the pros and cons of standardized testing. If we live in a democracy then we should be allowed to have a say in whether or not standardized testing is pushed through; the people who are directly affected should be the ones with the most say.


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