Intro to ME!!!

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I just sat down to do my first blog post with a DELICIOUS piece of cheesecake that I intend to eat as I try to explain who I am, or at least who I think I am to all you readers (hopefully there will be some readers haha).

If you get to know me a bit you will learn that I love metaphors and I often can summarize my thoughts in metaphors if I think long enough about something. Sooooo after thinking long and hard about tonight’s blog post, I have decided to try and introduce myself using a cheesecake metaphor….here goes nothing.

The CRUST a.k.a. my WORLDVIEW: the crust of a cheesecake is the base of the cheesecake, it is the starting point to which all the other good parts are built on top of (if you know where I’m headed with this then good job haha…my metaphor isn’t rocket science). Similarly my worldview is the bases for who I am and it shapes what experiences I choose to have or at least it shapes which experiences I enjoy and would like to do again. Below are some of the thoughts I currently hold on the world around me:

  1. The world is a very broken place where many people live through harsh realities that I cannot even imagine, never mind try to survive in.
  2. Everybody deserves an equal shot at life; however, we all know that this is more a dream than even close to a reality.
  3. As an educator it is my job to treat each child as equal but also as unique…a very hard thing to do, but a very important value to strive for.
  4. I also believe that our current world is a very beautiful place; a place where people can feel loved, go on adventures, and help change lives.

The CREAMY GOODNESS STUFF a.k.a. my EXPERIENCES: now you know a bit of what my crust is made up of. So now it’s time to move on to my life experiences…or the creamy part of the cheesecake (in my opinion this is the best part of the cheesecake). Just like the the creamy part of the cake is my favourite, the memories and experiences I have had in my life are some of the best things about life. Just the other day I was sitting watching some home videos with my siblings, and I was shocked to be reminded of what a bossy child I was! Here are some of my most memorable experiences as a child and adolescent:

  1. Volunteering: My parents have been running an inner-city kids club since I was a baby. I attended when I was a child and when I was too old to attend I began volunteering there and haven’t stopped since. This involvement was one of the sole things that pushed me to become a teacher.
  2. Big Family: I come from a very large, diverse, family. Lots of siblings and lots of wild family memories. Family is very important to me, growing up I use to think there was an ‘ideal’ family, the ones you always see on T.V.; however, I came to accept mine for the special way that it was. This in turn has helped me to not hold my students families to such a high standard.
  3. Sports: Sports has always been something most of my siblings enjoyed and so I also found that I enjoyed sports. Working with others and being a leader on the court developed skills for me that I may never have fostered otherwise.
  4. Nature: Growing up me and my siblings were constantly playing outdoors. My parents would actively plan our trips and activities around being outside. This allowed me to find ways to appreciate nature and enjoy it during all the seasons. It’s sad to see so many children resent being outside so I am hoping to be able to change my students outlook on spending time outside.

AND the TOPPING a.k.a. my INTERESTS: well now that you’ve read about some of my world views and experiences it should be fairly easy to identify some of the things I may be interested in. My interests are represented by the toppings on the cake. People can usually identify your interests a lot more easily than maybe your experiences or world views (the same way people look at a cheesecake and are normally drawn in my the topping, the part they see first). I feel that a lot of times people see your interests and then assume your experiences and world views based on that. However, I find it kind of interesting to have gone the other way around with this blog post by explaining my world views and experiences first.

I am interested in:

  1. Baking: hence the cheesecake metaphor haha.
  2. Sports: I LOVE volleyball, badminton, basketball, running, skiing, and recently ice hockey.
  3. Kids Club: I LOVE spending time with the children at the Kids Club.
  4. Music: I used to play the piano but I have also chosen to learn to play guitar during this semester.
  5. Outdoors: I LOVE going for hikes, playing outside, and exploring new places.
  6. Movies: I am one of the many Netflix addicts (just finished Making A Murderer….watch it if you haven’t already).
  7. Crafts: I enjoying creating things and working on projects.

Well I hope you have enjoyed learning about me via a piece of cheesecake! Incase you are wondering…yes, the cheesecake was delicious! It was also homemade so I have the recipe if you’d like!

One last thing I was asked to comment on was my views on technology. I honestly tried so hard to think of a way to incorporate it into my lovely metaphor but sadly I could not.

I have used technology for quite awhile, more-so once I started high school and then it progressed from there. I have found it to have been very helpful and saved a lot of time. it also connects me to the world and those around me in new and exciting ways! I also find it to be a great way to engage students as well as to reach some students who need alternative ways of learning. I view it as a tool; one that needs to be used responsibly. People can argue the pros and cons of it for years but I think the bottom line is that if you use it with the intent of enhancing students learning and success than you can’t go wrong!

Until next time…





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