Guitar Lesson 2

Well I am back at learning the guitar…and recording the progress. I honestly forgot how tough it is to struggle to learn something I have never tried before. This must be what my students feel like quite often! It’s a very interesting feeling to be in their shoes!

Screencastify – Video app I used

Guitar tab I am using



5 thoughts on “Guitar Lesson 2

  1. mckillopryan14 says:

    What an ambitious goal! Is playing the guitar something you have always wanted to learn? I liked how you used screencastify so we could see what you were learning as well as watch you play the guitar yourself. I am looking forward to seeing your progress!

    • sarahjoyross says:

      ThankS! Yeah it is a bit frustrating at times. But during internship I brought a guitar in for the students to play with and I had wished I knew how to play it so I could teach them how to use it a bit! So this project is kind of a good way to force me to practice.

  2. kaylaonu says:

    Love the video Sarah! I’m also about to use Screencastify in my learning project too! I can’t wait to see how far you will go with your goals and I love the simple starting point leaving lots of room for growth! 🙂

    • sarahjoyross says:

      Thanks kayla! Yes it is defiantly going to take many hours for me to gain the skills to properly play the guitar. But I really have enjoyed getting to push myself to succeed at something that I feel very unsuccessful in.

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