Name that Tune!


Hey there!

I have been having a lot of fun with my learning project! From feelings of frustration to feelings of success it has defiantly been a roller-coaster!

One cool thing that has come from this learning project was that I was able to connect with an artist from Nashville. He saw my video and offered to help!

Here is his blog if anyone would like to check it out farther: Justin Beene

This last week I have started to work on learning a song! I am super excited about this because it is one of my favourite songs and it would be awesome to be able to play it on a guitar! Below is a short excerpt from the song, something I have been practising this week! So check it out….please take a guess at what song you think I might be learning!!

Write in the comments below if you think you can ‘Name the tune’!

I will post the link to this amazing tab I am using next week once the guesses are in!!


12 thoughts on “Name that Tune!

  1. kshordee says:

    Hey Sarah!
    That is awesome that you have made connections from your blog with an artist from Nashville! Connecting with people who can help you become successful in your learning project is so beneficial!
    I’m not sure if it was just my computer, but I could not check out your video. It said that the video was private.
    Can’t wait to see your progress! Good luck!

    • sarahjoyross says:

      Wow thanks for the feedback! Also thank you for notifying me that you couldn’t view my videos! I went and changed my settings haha…still learning so much about how this all works haha. Thanks for your patience.

  2. melissa2055 says:

    I thought about trying to learn guitar too, Sarah. I have an electric one and acoustic at home and nobody plays. I can’t wait to hear how you find learning through YouTube. I’m not in a place where I can listen to the video, but I will check it out later. Good luck!!

    • sarahjoyross says:

      Thanks for taking the time to comment! I had the same options at my house, just two different kinds of guitars sitting collecting dust! It has been a really good learning curve and helps to place me in the shoes of students for sure!

  3. brettloeppky says:

    Sounding great Sarah! I am so jealous! I wanted to do guitar for my personal learning project but I thought it would be to hard! I tried to learn when I was in high school but it didn’t work out well. Are you just using YouTube as your resources?

    • sarahjoyross says:

      Thanks for the feed back! I was hesitant to try the guitar too. But what I have found to really help compensate my learning, along with online sources, is having my boyfriend be able to explain the basics to me. I think a lot of my learning is still greatly reliant on human interaction and I do not think I could completely rely on YouTube videos.

  4. justinbeene says:

    Doing a great job. It’s always frustrating in the beginning. It’s good to remember that you are a beginner. Rome wasn’t built over night. But your doing a fantastic job.
    I’m going to subscribe to you’r YouTube channel to keep up with you.
    What’s your biggest struggle with the acoustic guitar or guitar?

    • sarahjoyross says:

      Wow! Thank you, it is defiantly a work in progress. I have found it challenging and frustrating, but as you have said, it doesn’t happen overnight! My biggest struggle is probably just not having the finger skills to move my hands on the strings and to hold the strings down.

    • sarahjoyross says:

      Thanks! Yeah I have found it really tough with learning a musical instrument because you are expecting it to sound the way the song sounds…and it takes way more practice than you realize! Slowly but surely I hope to master this song!

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