Digital Identity

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Why am I so afraid of a Digital Identity?

I think one of the main reasons I have felt so worried about having a known digital identity is because all the stories you hear around digital identity are usually the negative ones. Stories like your identity being stolen…teachers loosing their jobs….or someone watching you through the camera of you computer.

I agree that theses stories need to be shared in order to warn people of the possibilities of being connected online. However, I do think that it would also be beneficial to share just as many good stories about digital identity.

There are a lot of things to know when it comes to putting information about yourself onto the internet. As much as it is good to make people aware of the possible dangers, I also think that it needs to be communicated carefully. For me it caused a lot of fear and hesitation. For some people, instilling fear is maybe what works to keep them safe online. However, it caused me to avoid doing as many things online.

If anyone has every taught lessons to students about digital identity through more of a positive lens I would love to hear how you did it?

*I went through my response on digital identity and bolded the words that popped out to me. It seems that I used a lot of negatively associated words. Through ECMP355 I have learnt a lot more about having a positive digital identity and so I am hoping to be able to help my students not to have the same fears about it as I have had.



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