Seesaw…and NO, not the dangerous playground toy!

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Growing up I remember getting smacked in the face by one of these great playground toys! But before you all get controversial about the dangers of these toys…let me tell you that I am actually talking about the Seesaw app!

While subbing in a classroom in a school in Regina I was privileged to see this app in action. I had never heard of the app before! Which surprised me once I observed how amazing it was!

Soooo I left and did some of my own research on the app. 

1: There is a great twitter page on it!

2: There are a ton of blog posts written on it already.

3: There are a bunch of really good reviews by educators on the app!

4: IT’S FREE!!!! (I know thats always the first question)

My opinion:

  • It’s great for assessment
  • Awesome tool for connecting with parents
  • Unlimited opportunities for differentiating learning! (my favourite thing about the app)
  • It’s super easy to use and is useful for any age!
  • Makes learning fun!
  • Incorporates technology


Has anyone used this app? If so, what pro’s/con’s did you see? How did you use it?



4 thoughts on “Seesaw…and NO, not the dangerous playground toy!

  1. Ashton Mills says:

    Sarah, I used this app during my internship and loved it! We used it mostly for taking pictures of the students during lessons and activities, so that parents could see what a day at school looks like. We got great feedback from parents. They thought it was so cool to be able to get a glimpse into their children’s school lives, as school is often somewhat of a mystery to the outside world. As students grew more comfortable with the app, we had them upload assignments and projects. One positive is how safe the app is, as parents are only able to see the work and pictures of their own child. If a picture is uploaded of all students in the class, parents can obviously see everyone in the picture, but it is tagged as “everybody” so that names are not connected to faces. Another great part about the app is that it does not matter how many devices you have in the classroom. We had around 6 iPads so students could work in groups of 3 to upload work, but even if there were no devices, teachers could still upload pictures for parents to see by just using their smartphones. Selfishly, I also like Seesaw because it has kept me updated on what my internship class has been up to since I have been gone. I love seeing and commenting on new photos and videos of my students!

    • sarahjoyross says:

      Wow that is so neat! Thank you for sharing your hands-on experience with the app! After I saw it, and how amazing it seemed, I was shocked I hadn’t heard of it before! I really like that you explained the privacy that it provides for students. It reminded me of an academic Facebook page for students that was only for teachers, students, and parents. Almost like a mini-online community. I think it would be a great way to motivate students to do well on their work and then upload it for their parents and peers to see, comment, or like!

  2. kaylaonu says:

    I’ve never heard of this app before Sarah, so thanks so much for sharing! The video was super helpful and simple to explain since I had no idea what it was. I agree with you that this is so simple for parents to use and eliminates sending stuff home to be ‘signed and brought back’. This way students can use it, parents can see it and teachers can always have it for assessment and future use! LOVE it!
    My question- what did you see it used for and what grade? How do you see this being used in an older grade level?

    • sarahjoyross says:

      Thanks for the great questions and feedback! I saw it being used in a grade 2 classroom. Each student had to complete one assignment on it per day. I saw it being used to practice mad-minutes for addition. However, instead of them writing the answers they said the answers verbally after taking a picture of the worksheet! Was super neat! (The students also did it completely independently!) I think in older grade levels it can still be used to show parents what students are doing in school and also to keep a portfolio of their work. I also know that some students struggle with written tests and so I think it would be an easy way to administer an oral test on content studied! Also, it could be used to adapt material for students who cannot write and need someone to scribe.

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