Setting Smaller Goals to Achieve Bigger Goals; re-evaluating my capabilities and adapting

This above quote is really going to have to motivate me because at this point in my Learning Project I am pretty sure that this DOG is WAY better than I am. For two reasons:

  1. A lot more focused
  2. Great timing

For some reason I imagined the guitar to be a lot easier to learn than it ACTUALLY is. It has been testing me PATIENCE in many different ways. I have found the hardest thing to be accepting my lack of skill with this instrument.

“GOAL: For the next couple of weeks I plan to work on my guitar every single day, rather than every couple of days. ” -Sarah Ross

I initially thought that I could stop and start my learning project; however, I have learnt that because my fingers have not callused and because my brain is not used to reading TAB I need to practice every day in order to get better. This is going to be a much bigger time commitment. BUT because I want to learn the guitar for my students, I have found it to be a bigger motivation to succeed than just to learn for my own enjoyment. 

My students from internship have been following my progress and constantly ask me how it is coming or why I haven’t posted in so long. It has helped to keep me accountable and makes me want to do better so that I can show them that I follow through with my plans.

Wish me luck…

P.S. I have learnt Netflix and Guitar go great together!

P.P.S. If anyone has some magic formula for getting-good-at-guitar- quick please share below ha.


5 thoughts on “Setting Smaller Goals to Achieve Bigger Goals; re-evaluating my capabilities and adapting

  1. kaylaonu says:

    Thanks for sharing your roadblock Sarah! It’s great to share (even with your students) that sometimes we have setbacks, but it doesn’t mean that we quit or give up. I really love that they follow you (some of mine follow me too!). I also love that you’ve decided to take smaller steps to achieve your bigger goal, LOVE the quote! Good luck & keep your head up! I can’t wait to see the final product!

  2. Kailyn Smith says:

    As soon as I saw the title of your blog I related right away! When it comes to my Personal Learning Project, I set goals for myself that were not necessarily about the process but the outcome. My goals were and still are to create something and I am realizing that these goals are too big for me to allow myself to manage my time with it. Maybe I will have to break mine up a bit too so that I can do 10minutes a day to focus on building a pattern or a new stitch rather than making an article of clothing because I just don’t have enough time for that in the course of a week! Great post!

    • sarahjoyross says:

      Yeah that is exactly what I did too. Thought I’d be able to play a song in like a few weeks! When that DIDN’T happen I started to give up a bit. So like we do for our students when they get overwhelmed…I ‘chunked’ my project! We will see how it goes! Good luck with yours as well! It’s nice to know I’m not the only one struggling.

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