Activism: is there MORE to it than just the CLICK of a MOUSE?


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 Is slacktivism a real thing? Are you guilty of it? How does it affect your own views and beliefs about supporting causes online? Is online activism effective? What can we do to not habitually ‘like’ or ‘share’ a cause, but rather investigate and support the cause in hope of actual change?

These are some of the questions I had when I started my blog post. If you have similar questions, READ ON!


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  ” ASK yourself, is this how I feel every time I SUPPORT an online cause, or am I just doing it out of HABIT?”- Sarah Ross

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Can Online Petitions Change the World?

This blog post talks about both positive and negative implications for online activism.

Argues that: online petitions can be very successful but “only when backed up with real-world action”.

"A 2011 study by researchers at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., found that those who support a cause online -- signing an e-petition or joining a Facebook group -- are two times more likely to volunteer their time for the cause, four times more likely to follow up by contacting a decision-maker, and five times more likely to recruit others, than a person who supports a cause offline, e.g. with a paper petition."-

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Don’t Mistake ‘Likes’ on Facebook For Real Social Change

Great blog post that speaks directly to the negative effects of online social activism.

He argues: The real activists are too busy creating change to stop and tweet it out or join an online movement.

He recognizes the important role technology can play but he also states that “It is more laborious than a click.”



Here is a really good question that I would like to leave with you to consider the next time you see online social activism; are you willing to go further than the click of your mouse?

From what I have learnt, online activism can be very powerful if coupled with real-world activism. I have learnt about many causes online that I would never have heard of otherwise. However, I am also guilty of ‘swiping right’ or ‘clicking like’ to get rid of notifications that may be addressing social issues. I believe strongly about many things but I think it is impossible to be involved in 100’s of different activist topics, which can easily happen when they are online.

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