Guitar Tutorial Videos; Pros and Cons

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Photo shoutout because it’s our 4 year anniversary 

Well…today I have decided to show everyone how I find tutorial videos for learning the guitar.

  1. what videos worked well?
  2. why some videos are better than others?
  3. how to search for videos?

I have learnt that it is very important to be as specific as possible when searching for tutorial videos. I usually type in ‘How to play the guitar for beginners’. This narrows down my results to videos that are specifically tailored to my competence level.

This first video really breaks down how to hold the instrument and the basics to using a guitar. It was very useful during some of my first few lessons when I had no idea how to hold or play a guitar.


I personally really like this video below because the guy is pretty funny and easy to listen too. He doesn’t stay monotone and he zooms in on what he is doing as well.


Lastly here is a video I really like and am currently working with to learn the song ‘Stay With Me‘. She uses great visuals throughout her video so it is easy to see the chords she is play, she doesn’t move on to quickly, and she give optional chords if you feel you are more advanced.


This video below is one tutorial video that DOES NOT suit my learning style. I find that she moves to fast and it is hard to follow, especially as a beginner. I also don’t like that she talks a lot about other things, for me I am just looking for videos by people who give lessons.

I hope this blog post has helped some of you see what works for me and what doesn’t. If you have any suggestions on better tutorials for beginners, please share below!


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