Guitars on Pinterest

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Pinterest is one of my greatest addictions. I have many times found myself lost in the world of Pinterest for more hours than is healthy I am sure! So naturally, when I started my learning project I decided to create a Pinterest page about guitars! I also have started to follow guitar accounts:

Following these pages has helped motivate my own learning project on an online domain that I regularly visit. I have found that this is essential in order for me to find new ideas for playing the guitar and to be reminded to practice.

Today I decided to try out a new collage making app I heard about the other day at a PD event. It is called Kizoa. This collage-maker worked really well. However, I didn’t like how you had to make an account in order to access the collage. Does anyone know of any easier-to-access collage makers? I tried a few before deciding on this one, although I still am not a huge fan of it…it worked better than other ones I tried.
































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