CODE-figuring out the ‘why’ to our techy world!

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Found here

What is CODE?

This was my first question. I view myself as fairly good with technology; however, I have no idea why or how it can do what it does. Here is a simple video that I used in order to understand the meaning and use of code:

What now?

So then I decided it was my turn to try my hand at coding.

3/4 of the way into my HOUR OF CODING

TEST-20, my final project

My certificate!

code certificate.jpg

Final thoughts:

I honestly was dreading doing coding. My boyfriend knows a lot about it and I always find myself changing the topic when he starts talking about it. SOOOO when I found myself enjoying the coding and having fun with it, I surprised myself!

This is definitely something I will encourage my future students to participate it. I may even include it through a subject area. It definitely tested my own brain abilities and I think it will help students find challenges and better understand the world of technology!


  • fun
  • free
  • challenging
  • interactive
  • modern
  • engaging
  • great directions


  • How can I engage students that cannot read?
  • Where do I go next after I complete the Hour of Code?

Further Research:




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