Learning Project: DIY Guitar

I have been working on learning the guitar and my younger sister is always wanting to join in. SOO I decided to research a way to include her in playing the guitar. I read this blog post that talked about the importance of children playing an instrument that is the right size for them. However, I do not have a guitar that is the proper size. So I then begin to research different ways that we could make a somewhat ‘real’ guitar on our own. I found multiple sites that take you through a step-by-step process for creating guitars (I have provided links below). I also recognized some of the websites, I had done a sound unit in internship were the students created their own musical instruments. Because of this previous experience I knew that the craft would work.

As you probably noticed Lydia was interested in created the guitar and decorating it. However, she KNEW that it wasn’t the real deal. As I am sure you noticed we tried a few times to sing songs, each time we would start she would get distracted by the guitar and get off track.

Different DIY guitar “how to’s”:

I know that some children start playing instruments at a really young age…I am curios as to how you would get a small child to focus enough to learn an instrument?

It was really fun to make, I think Lydia really enjoyed being able to engage in the guitar with me. It would be interesting to try it again with her when she is a bit older!

Hope you enjoyed my branch out from my learning project!



2 thoughts on “Learning Project: DIY Guitar

  1. harderkylie says:

    I think allowing the child to make their own instrument will engage them and bring out their curiosity to learn how to play it! I think that is really cool way to expand your learning project and the video is really interesting to watch and to see how your younger sister helped out. I think it is neat how your learning project inspired your sister to start learning to play an instrument too! Awesome job.

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