My PLN; What I Learned, Gained, and Gave Through Virtual Connections

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PLN= Professional Learning Network

Well somehow this semester has come and gone. At the start of the semester I recall feeling slightly overwhelmed BUT now that I feel settled it is sad to think that I will be done University in only a few short weeks.

When I look back on my experiences in ECMP 355 I can think of many moments when I was in AWWW of what technology could do. I have compiled a google doc that I am hoping can show some of the moments throughout the semester where I engaged with technology. I organized these moments into 6 Major Categories that I believe summarize how I interacted online.


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When I consider the different ‘spaces’ I interacted with online I can’t help but acknowledge that I used Twitter the most. I felt that this medium suited my learning style the best. I also now realize that it is a space I will continue to use after this class is over. Although I didn’t interact with others as much on the other spaces, I feel that I compensated for this by the amount of time I spend on Twitter. Below I will break down some of the reasons I love the different spaces online….hopefully this will speak to why I use Twitter the most. (I wanted to try to use the other spaces as much as possible, but at times I felt I was only interacting on them because it was a criteria in the syllabus and not as much because it was a habit I would continue with. Unlike my use of Twitter which I know I will continue to use!)


  • Fast response time
  • Free
  • User friendly
  • Short and to-the-point posts
  • easy to connect with others through hashtags
  • Great way to get resources
  • Fun to scroll through posts as if it was my FB or Instagram
  • Easy to get notifications
  • Also could connect to the News 

WordPress Blog

  • Share thoughts and opinions
  • Connect with others through deeper conversations
  • Collection of professional learning
  • Share your voice
  • Great way to reflect and connect with people who share similar reflections, gain support


  • Find answers
  • See other peoples work
  • Connect with classmates
  • Ask questions
  • Discuss topics
  • Learn through other peoples questions and answers



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Here are a list of learnings that I got from interacting with others on online spaces:

  1. How to use technology safely: #digcit
  2. What hashtags can do, which hashtags were good/bad
  3. How to imbed images/videos into my blog
  4. How to use technology in classrooms
    1. Code
    2. seesaw
    3. Plickers
    4. peardeck
    5. socrative
    6. educreations
    7. Story board
    8. smore
    9. piktochart
    10. edmodo
    11. canva
    12. screencastify
  5. The power of sharing resources with others
  6. How to play the guitar and learn online!



Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 12.52.56 PM


Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 1.24.52 PM.png

Found HERE









Here is some of the resources and knowledge I gained:

  1. How to follow blogs I enjoy: Feedly
  2. A youtube channel
  3. Connections with educators
  4. A voice through my blog
  5. A positive online identity
  6. Greater access to the world and previously thought ‘unreachable resources’


Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 1.21.26 PM.png

Found HERE

Here are some of the things I did to give resources to others online and to support others:

  1. Commenting on blogs
  2. Sharing resources I have used
  3. Sharing reviews on resources/tools
  4. Helping people on twitter
  5. Retweeting peoples work
  6. Talking face-to-face with people and helping them


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Found HERE

In conclusion I believe that the above picture is a perfect summary of everyone’s dream teacher. I know I still have a ways to go, but I do feel as though I have come along way since January. I now feel equipped to utilize these tools safely in a classroom. I know that for projects in a few of my other classes I decided to use some of the tools I learnt about in this class such as Wiki’s and Smore. Using these online tools not only helped me become more involved in my assignment but it also has allowed me to teach myself more about these apps.

As far as my PLN goes, I know that I have gained a better network of professional people on the web. When I have questions or need help I now turn to Twitter. I also LOVE looking through Twitter and becoming inspired by what other teachers are doing. As an educator it is my job to be a ‘life long learner’, I believe that technology is the place that this can truly take place. Staying virtually connected will not only help me stay current but it will also help my future students stay engaged. I personally love when I get new followers or have my posts retweeted. I can hardly wait to create my own classroom Twitter someday and watch and see the opportunities that it will provide for me and my students!


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