Guitar: Takes a Good Teacher, Time, Patience, and Tons of Practicing

Some of you may remember my SOLO from my groups Summary or Learning

So this semester I decided to take on the task of learning to play the guitar. Needless to say it was a lot more challenging than one (an inexperienced one) would think. I naively believed that I would become some amazing guitar player. GUITAR IS LITERALLY SO DIFFICULT. Even after all my practicing I still finished with only learning 1 song. Which I will play for you below….brace yourself.

Sorry for the lack of pictures….I look like crap today.

As you heard….it doesn’t quite sound like the official song but I tried my best haha…the struggle was real (and my hands hurt….a lot).

…….maybe someday.

Anyways…it has definitely been a journey. Although the journey didn’t give me the results I had hoped for I still learnt a lot about myself through this process.

  1. I am not a very good self-motivator…I need other people with similar goals.
  2. I learn better with face-to-face interactions.

As a result of the above two things, I am now looking into taking some actual guitar lessons in the next couple of months. I think that my learning style is better suited by having a time and place where I meet someone and learn the instrument. I still want to learn how to play the guitar…I just think I need a different process.

Pro’s and Con’s of Online Learning:


  • Multiple perspectives (look at multiple different peoples posts)
  • Convenient (access the internet anytime you want)
  • Free (No cost for basic instruction)
  • Can chose to learn the way you feel you learn best (Learn through videos or sheet music)
  • Interactions with other people (you can connect with other people online who have similar goals)


  • Screen Time (Increases your daily screen time)
  • Solitary (You learn alone)
  • Challenging to know what to search (Hard to find resources that are reliable and accurate)

As you can see there are more pro’s than con’s. So I would definitely recommend trying to learn a new hobby online. It is a great way to learn new skills and try something other than watching Netflix when you have some free-time on your hands!

Here is a Summary of my Journey:

  1. Guitar Learning Plan Intro
  2. Guitar Lesson 2
  3. Name that Tune
  4. Learning the Guitar with 2-way Skype
  5. Do Guitars Have a Place in the Classroom
  6. Setting Smaller Goals to Achieve Bigger Goals
  7. Guitar Tutorial Videos; Pros and Cons
  8. “Music is a Great Thing”…find out Why
  9. Guitars on Pinterest
  10. DIY Guitar

You probably have noticed that I usually tried to branch out with creating posts about the guitar. I found that I needed to find ways to expand my learning project, to try and find different things about guitars to put in my blogs. This helped keep me interested and I hope it also kept you intrigued.


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